1. Compost Black Label
    Munich, Germany
  2. Drumpoet Community
    Zurich, Switzerland
  3. Compost Disco
    Munich, Germany
  4. Elaste
    Munich, Germany
  5. Marbert Rocel
    Leipzig, Germany
  6. A Forest Mighty Black
    Freiburg, Germany
  7. Beanfield
    Munich, Germany
  8. Kyoto Jazz Massive
    Kyoto, Japan
  9. Emilie Nana
    Geneva, Switzerland
  10. Ströme
    Munich, Germany
  11. Trüby Trio
    Munich, Germany
  12. Felix Laband
    Cape Town, South Africa
  13. Sepalot
    Munich, Germany
  14. Eddy Meets Yannah
    Zagreb, Croatia
  15. Christian Prommer
    Munich, Germany
  16. Fauna Flash
    Munich, Germany
  17. Albarka
    Paris, France
  18. Knowtoryus
    Nuremberg, Germany
  19. Robinn
    London, UK
  20. Bet.e & Stef
    Montreal, Québec
  21. Siren
    New York, New York
  22. Marsmobil
    Munich, Germany
  23. Ben Mono
    Berlin, Germany
  24. Muallem
    Munich, Germany
  25. Timo Garcia & Manu Delago
    Brighton, UK
  26. Joash
    London, UK
  27. Les Gammas
    Augsburg, Germany
  28. Pitchben
    Munich, Germany
  29. Ensemble Du Verre
    Hamburg, Germany
  30. Kalabrese
    Zürich, Switzerland
  31. Phreek Plus One
    Brescia, Italy
  32. Compost Selections
    Munich, Germany
  33. Party Keller
    Munich, Germany
  34. Musica Autonomica
    Munich, Germany
  35. Hobby Musik
    Munich, Germany


Compost Records Munich, Germany

20 years, over 400 catalogue releases, over 3000 songs and remixes and still going strong! Compost is one of the most prolific, highly acclaimed and in demand indie labels in Europe. Compost and it's sublabels Compost Black Label and Drumpoet Community standing for quality music, a sophisticated mixture of electrifying disco, house, techno, soul, jazz and a little bit of pop. ... more

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